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Oh hi there! I'm Carrie. I like to say words and draw pictures and make people laugh. I also like a lot of stuff, including Evangelion, Touhou Project, Pretty Cure, and Pokemon.

I run a video game stream twice a week. It's pretty cool. You should join us.


Huh, I forgot about this pic. Never finished it. :c

Maybe eventually.~

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door turns ten years old today! That’s kind of crazy to think about, man.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door turns ten years old today! That’s kind of crazy to think about, man.

So I’m playing Pokemon Black again and that’s cool but WHERE IS MY KARRABLAST?!

Official Carrot Inspector, hard at work. (see captions for extra dumb commentary.)

I don’t know if it was that I waited too long to pull them or if they jut didn’t get enough water one day, but several of my carrots’ leaves were all all dried up so I decided to pluck most of them today. There’s still a few of the bigger ones in there, though. I’ll keep an eye on em. Last pic also features one of the little radishes from the second batch I plucked. They didn’t seem to do quite as well this time but I still got some!

Even though a lot of them came out really tiny, I’m pretty proud of these lil carrots! I’ll make sure my next round of veggies is even better! Yeah!

I put a little money in my steam wallet and I’ve gone a bit mad with the power the summer sale has allowed me. LOOK AT ALL THESE THINGS I CAN BUY… AMAZING.

RADISH GET! May have been ready for a few days, idk. I’m not sure exactly how to tell when they’re at their prime but i noticed a couple tiny yellow leaves so I snatched these two. Will research and maybe pluck the rest over the next few days.

I keep turning them over in my hands and whispering “I grew this…”

There I was, deep in the untamed wilds of Walmart. It was a routine excursion for supplies, just like any other,  until idle curiosity drew my eyes upwards. This was it. This was the moment everything in my life had been building to. I was face to face with the elusive Blue Cindearella.

Scholars have long debated the existence of this creature, with many going so far as to claim the entire species is merely the stuff of legends. I, too, had my doubts. Indeed, they have done an excellent job hiding all these years but today they let down their guard. Today… I have proof.


"hyrule warriors is the first game where you can play as another zelda characte-"


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Haven’t been posting pictures of my garden lately, but it’s not because I haven’t been taking them! Hopefully I’ll be able to make some neat time lapse-ish photo compilations to make up for the fact you didn’t get to see all the growth this time.

Anyway, look look! Some of the radishes are starting to peek up! One of them started the other day but now…! Ahh, amazing. (The carrots eventually sprouted too, btw. I’ll try to take a better shot of them tomorrow. You can see what appears to be a tiny new one near the center of this shot, though! )